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Occupational Therapy Assessment 

At OT Therapy,  the Occupational Therapist will look at the occupational performance areas of self-care, performance at home/school/work and at the performance area of leisure/play activities. The OT ASSESSMENT  will cover the following areas:

Daily Living Skills / Self-care activities 

  • Dressing Skills,Toileting, Grooming, Bathing, Feeding

  • Adaptive equipment for self-care

  • Shopping and meal Preparation, Managing Money, Housework and chores

  • Mobility Issues


Performance at home/School or Work

  • Fine motor skills, Handwriting 

  • Gross motor skills, Core stability

  • Visual Perception Skills

  • Concentration and alertness, distractibility

  • Access to the environment

  • Support of Assistive Technology, 

  • Support of Inclusive Communities

  • Play and social skill Development

  • Sensory Regulation

  • Participation

  • Advocacy

  • Assistive Technology


Leisure Skills

Participating in meaningful activities for

leisure and encouraging 

Community involvement


What does the Assessment cost

The cost is E385-00 for full OT assessment with

recommendations  and a typed report is included. 


The process can take 2 - 3 hours in the clinic.

There are two clinics to choose from

for your convenience:

1. Kelly's Retail Park, Mucklagh, Tullamore, Co Offaly

2. Mohill Enterprise Centre, Mohill Co Leitrim




OT Therapy also does home assessments for Disability Housing adaptation  grants

 and stairlift assessments required by the County Councils. 






























































Helping to reach your  full potential

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