The Picky Eater Feeding Clinic at OT Therapy Tullamore

You are invited to attend a


A Joint Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy Assessment

It includes swallowing assessment, sensory assessment, feeding techniques assessment and you get a report and guidelines for improvements.


Feeding assessment to assess and provide you with strategies to move the Picky Eater in the right direction. 


Signs of Feeding and Swallowing Difficulties


Your child may have a feeding or swallowing problem if he/she

  • Arches her back or stiffens when feeding

  • Cries or fusses when feeding

  • Falls asleep when feeding

  • Have problems breastfeeding

  • Has trouble breathing while eating and drinking

  • Refuses to eat or drink

  • Eats only certain textures, such as soft food or crunchy food

  • Takes a long time to eat

  • Has problems chewing

  • Coughs or gags during meals

  • Drools a lot or has liquid come out her mouth or nose

  • Gets stuffy during meals

  • Has a gurgly, hoarse, or breathy voice during or after meals

  • Spits up or throws up a lot

  • Is not gaining weight or growing


Not every child has every sign listed here. Your child may show a few signs or many of them. Your child may be at risk for:

  • dehydration or poor nutrition

  • food or liquid going into the airway, called aspiration

  • pneumonia or other lung infections

  • feeling embarrassed about his eating problems. He may eat alone or refuse to eat around others.



This clinic is designed for the Picky Eater and does not cover mental health issues such as Anorexia and Bulimia. 


Please bring with on the day a favourite yoghurt and spoon, a fruit to eat and some crackers. If the child does not eat any of the above please bring three favourite items excluding sweets. 

Also, bring with his favourite drink. 


Assessments cover swallow assessment, sensory eating assessment, oral motor skills, and chewing assessments. 


The cost is E125 for the joint assessment. You will get recommendations  and a follow-up appointment at E30.00


What should I do next?

Contact us and book the assessment - the next clinic date is: 29.05.2021













Saturday 29th May 2021