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Handwriting Block of OT Sessions at OT Therapy


Handwriting is an important aspect of childhood, incorporating a variety of complex and intricate muscle movements and visual perception skills. Handwriting is not a simple task, and if left underdeveloped can become a problem later in academic life.


The necessary skills required to produce legible writing are usually acquired in early school years, and fine-tuned over the remainder of the school period. Children who struggle with handwriting often develop an abnormal grip to compensate for the lack of muscle development in the hand. The grip is usually the first sign of noticing a child who has poor handwriting.


At OT Therapy we can offer you a block on intervention to correct your child's handwriting over 4 - 6 sessions. 


At OT Therapy we believe a motor in a multi-sensory approach which assists the child's motor planning and visual memory of the letters. One of the many multi-sensory tools is our Sensory lightbox which the children love to learn on. 
























Contact us if you require handwriting intervention block, to help improve your child's:

  • Pencil Grip

  • Writing on the line

  • Reversal of numbers or letters such as 'b and d'

  • Posture for handwriting

  • correct pressure for handwriting

  • Starting at the margin

  • Size of letters and numbers

  • Letter formation

  • Spacing

  • Visual perception skills

  • Muscle strength of hand and fingers

  • and more!

  • Also improves confidence and self-esteem  






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