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Occupational Therapy Handwriting Clinic

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Occupational Therapists play an important part in teaching children how to correct the challenges they have with handwriting. Occupational Therapy will look at the motor abilities, visual perceptual skills, pencil grip, ability to write on the line, the letter sizing, spatial relationships, finger strength, hand fatigue and letter formation and many more skills. 

Handwriting Clinc OT Therapy Tullamore Offaly


Occupational Therapy Handwriting Clinic

35 -minute session - E50.00

Guaranteed to improve THE CHILD'S handwriting sentence in 30 minutes!

Before and after samples provided.

Places are limited.

Next Clinic Date 31.07.2021




The child must practice/reinforce skills at home. 


Improve your child's confidence and self-esteem by improving their handwriting!



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Hyper mobile joint


Rounded pencil grip can relieve the joint. 

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