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Fine Motor Skills Group

Working on finger strength, eye hand coordination, bilateral hand skills, cutting, colouring etc 


Gross Motor Coordination skills

Gross motor, aiming and catching, balance skills, jumping jacks, core strength etc


Social Skills Groups

Sharing, taking turns, working with a peer, win/lose concepts, social games, greetings, problem solving and fun


Attention and concentration Skills

Teaching children how to focus and remain on task. 

How to ignore distractions and complete tasks.


Handwriting Skills

Joined and print groups

Before and after samples of handwriting provided.


Visual Perceptual Skills

Learning Left right concepts, body awareness, directionality, visual memory, finding items in a busy background and many more perception skills.


Organisational Skills Groups

Teaching the child to become more organised with their belongings and daily routines.

OT Therapy Group work

Group work has been used in Occupational Therapy intervention since the 1920s. There are so many benefits for using group work:-

  • A small group is more representative of a classroom. Behaviour on a 1:1 can be very different to group work.

  • Small groups are great for the anxious child as the child learns to mix with peers in a safe, relaxed environment. 

  • A group allows for turn taking, sharing, win and lose concepts and other social skills.

  • Group work allows the child to see that others have difficulties just like they do, whereas in the classroom they may be the only one that has difficulties.

  • Group work empowers children to practice concentration and attention skills which is fine on a 1:1 basis.

  • Group work encourages children to continue working even when there are distractions. (1:1 does not always facilitate this)

  • Group work is fun

  • You meet friends outside of school.

  • Group work can boost confidence and self esteem as other find tasks just as difficult - you not the only child.

  • Group work is a great way to generate group rules, share ideas, and problem solve!

  • It creates opportunities to share ideas and work as a team

  • Fun, Learn and Explore tasks in a group!

  • plus many more benefits!

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