OT Therapy: Occupational Therapy - Assessment & Services in Tullamore, Offaly


OT Therapy is based in Mucklagh, Tullamore Co Offaly, provides Occupational Therapy to children and adults in Leinster and other areas. The Occupational Therapy Assessment and intervention, including goal setting, can advance the child/adult to the next functional level. Children with Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD, Attention Deficit Disorder and DCD/Dyspraxia, Down Syndrome as well as intellectual disabilities, and children with learning difficulties or children with special needs are very welcome at OT Therapy.


Occupational Therapy for Special Needs and Autism

These children can often be misunderstood which adds to anxieties and decreased self-esteem, which can further impact their confidence. Children with disabilities should love life and be included in society at all levels. Whether your child has difficulties with fine motor skills such as handwriting, cutting, grips, letter reversals, or gross motor skills OT Therapy can assist by offering Occupational Therapy for your child. Also, we look at visual perceptual skills, sensory processing difficulties, difficulties with transitions, decreased ability to focus and concentrate on the class work as well as social problems, we at OT Therapy will do an Occupational Therapy Assessment and start the journey to monitor improvements to improve the quality of life.


We at OT Therapy provide Occupational Therapy services in the school, or clinical setting. Occupational Therapy improves the quality of life for children and adults with daily challenges because they have special needs. Sensory processing difficulties can interfere daily functioning for many children including those on the Autism Spectrum. Occupational Therapy can put strategies in place to help these kids and adults improve their daily function. The. Occupational Therapist will do an OT assessment and agree with targeted areas to work on with your child. Contact us at OT Therapy. 

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